Our Story

Why CyberTracker?

The name “CyberTracker” refers to the combination of indigenous tracking skills (Tracker) with modern technology (Cyber). CyberTracker combines technology and human expertise in a way that has been recognized internationally as unique and ground-breaking.



The word cybernetics is rooted in the Greek kybernetes, meaning steersman (of a sailboat) or guide. In modern times, cybernetics involves a self-correcting process of positive and negative feedback to achieve a goal, in the same way that animal tracking is a self-correcting process involving positive and negative feedback to find an animal. Tracking is therefore a cybernetic process.

The CyberTracker Tracker Certification system involves a process of positive and negative feedback to achieve a goal and is therefore also a cybernetic process.

The Kalahari San

The Kalahari San takes great pride in knowing that they played an important role in the development of the CyberTracker software and the vital role of their tracking expertise. They have taken ownership of the CyberTracker name as their own. Throughout the Kalahari, the "CyberTrackers" are known and highly regarded within their own communities.

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