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CyberTracker has enjoyed worldwide media coverage.
To achieve our objectives, ongoing media coverage is essential.

Audio 14th June 2022 Living on Earth

Dr. Livingston Goes High Tech, Glenn Zorpette

Print 30th September 2011 Audubon Magazine

Off the Beaten Track

Print 14th June 2022 TIME Magazine

Keeping Track of a Dying Art

Audio 14th February 2020 Big Picture Science

Your Inner Lab Coat: Louis Liebenberg/CyberTracker

Print 11th November 2004 Nature: Zoology

A mole in hand…

Print 14th June 2022 New Scientist

Food was prize in early marathons

Print 14th June 2022 WIRED Magazine


Print 1st February 2006 IEEE Spectrum

Louis Liebenberg – Call of the Wild

Print 22nd January 2004 Wired News

Learning to Track Like a Bushman

Born to RunPrint 14th June 2022 Men's Health

Yes, You were Born to Run

Print 11th November 2004 Nature: Zoology

Nature: Zoology – A mole in hand…

Print 21st June 2004 CyberTracker

CyberTracker: des observations localisées

Print 1st April 2004 Saudi Armaco World

Saudi Armaco World: Reading the Sands

Print 11th February 2011 Cape Times

Cape Times: Man on a mission to track muggers

Print 2nd November 2003 Sunday Times

Sunday Times: Bushman tracking catches muggers

Print 1st June 2006 Texas Wildlife Magazine

Texas Park and Wildlife Magazine – Otter Tracking

Media assets

While the free CyberTracker software is spreading unconstrained through viral marketing, the CyberTracker Tracker Certifications require scientific peer review to maintain standards of accuracy. To make a clear distinction, two logos are used to distinguish the complementary sides of CyberTracker.

Round logo

The round CyberTracker logo may be used by all CyberTracker software users. It can be used for social media marketing tools, and for the CyberTracker certification that does not require scientific peer review.

Round logo

Original logo

The original Kalahari San tracker logo is reserved for CyberTracker Certification Standards and scientific publications that require scientific peer review and may not be used without permission of the CyberTracker Certification Standards Committee. The logo depicts the late !Nate Brahman of Lone Tree in Botswana.

Original logo
Registered Trade Marks

CyberTracker, Professional Tracker, Senior Tracker and Master Tracker are Registered Trade Marks of CyberTracker Conservation NPC and may not be used without permission of the CyberTracker Certification Standards Committee.