The new CyberTracker Online

CyberTracker Online

The new CyberTracker Online


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Our new CyberTracker Online provides a free* software service for communities, simplified for nontechnical users who cannot afford expensive technical support.

Customize your own application on a laptop or desktop computer and then install your app onto an Android or iPhone smartphone.

*Up to 1 GB storage – see Pricing

Scaling CyberTracker for Communities, Conservation, Research and Monitoring Worldwide

To gather complex biodiversity data on millions of species worldwide, we need to scale up the adoption of CyberTracker worldwide. To achieve this we need to minimize the need for technical support. The new CyberTracker Online allow users to create their own applications.

The CyberTracker Icon User Interface was designed for expert indigenous Kalahari San Master Trackers who cannot read or write. This ground-breaking innovation was awarded the Rolex Award for Enterprise.

In addition, scientists and conservationists benefit from the Icon User Interface enabling significantly faster data collection. The icon interface also reduces data input errors.

Data can be collected off-line, and then uploaded when cell phone or Internet connectivity is available.

Screen Templates allow nontechnical users to build a customized mobile data capture application.

Map and Table views allows nontechnical users to query data. The query tick-boxes are
automatically generated by CyberTracker and require no GIS skills.

Data can be Exported as CSV files for advanced data analysis using analytical software tools. We will be adding more export options, such as Shapefiles and other widely used file formats.

Getting Started

Quick Start – Build a Simple CyberTracker Photo Notes App (6 pages) 

Build CyberTracker Apps for Complex Data (12 pages)

User Guide – Extra Topics (14 pages)

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