Qualified Trackers

As a means to identify those dwindling few with excellent tracking skills, and to help rebuild a body of tracking knowledge, Liebenberg designed and provided the first CyberTracker Tracker Certification in the Thornybush Nature Preserve near Kruger National Park in 1994.


Since 1985, Louis Liebenberg witnessed the steep decline in indigenous tracking skills in southern Africa.

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Master Trackers

The Master Tracker certificate was created in honour of the memory of the elder generation of indigenous hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari.

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Accredited CyberTracker Evaluators

The Certification Standards were developed by Louis Liebenberg and the CyberTracker Certification Standards Committee. The Certification Standards Committee consists of Louis Liebenberg, the late Wilson Masia, Juan Pinto, Adriaan Louw and Mark Elbroch.

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