CyberTracker Online


This Minimum Viable Product release provides a solid foundation to build on. We will be adding more advanced features over the next year or two, while retaining a user-friendly experience.

CyberTracker Conservation is a nonprofit organization, sustained by grants, donations, consulting fees and service revenue.

Early adopters are currently benefiting from our free Minimum Viable Product for up to 1 GB of file storage (photos and audio files). We will soon be adding more features and introduce Pricing for file storage and Professional users.

Over time, as we develop more features, pricing may be revised. Our objective is to provide a free service to Community users for up to 1 GB of file storage, while covering our costs from revenue generated from Professional users.

Community users will include Indigenous communities, nonprofit organizations, students, individual researchers, and educational institutions.

Professional users will include private companies, for-profit organizations, and high-volume data collectors.