The Art of Tracking may well be the origin of science. After hundreds of thousands of years, traditional tracking skills may soon be lost. Yet tracking can be developed into a new science with far-reaching implications for indigenous communities, citizen science and nature conservation.

The Origin of Science

The Origin of Science addresses one of the great mysteries of human evolution: How did…

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Indigenous Knowledge

Over the last ten thousand years, virtually every aspect of human culture has changed. The…

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Citizen Science

While the CyberTracker project demonstrates the potential value of employing trackers in conservation and scientific…

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Scientific research

CyberTracer technology continues to contribute to a number of ongoing scientific research projects...

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Tracking Science

The term “tracking science” is intended to widen the network of people whose contribution to…

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Free eBooks

Louis Liebenberg is an Associate of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and a Laureate…

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