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The Mammals of Southern Africa and their Tracks and Signs

The ability to accurately read difficult, partial or little-seen signs left in the soil or sand is rare and largely the domain of professionals but Mammal of southern Africa and their Tracks and Signs is a guide for both beginner and expert alike. It combines Louis Liebenberg’s accurate sketches with Lee Gutteridge’s diverse range of colour photographs, illustrating the spoor in different types of terrain. These images explain the difficult truth of the matter, and represent what you are most likely to see in the many different substrates where the animals walk.

Additionally the book features a key to the padded foot tracks of the region, assisting with the track identification of our different predators and pad-footed herbivores. This is a brand new concept that has never been done before. Other signs such as scat, claw marks, pastings, wallows, rubs and rolls are also included in the photographs, giving an all-round impression of the signs that animals may leave behind. This field guide also serves as an ID guide to the mammals of southern Africa as full colour photographs of each animal are included.

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