Tracking The Art of Tracking

Environmental Education

Perhaps one of the most important factors in nature conservation is a general awareness of wildlife amongst the general public. Ignorance by the public at large may well be the most dangerous threat to the survival of many species in the face of development. Even keen nature lovers are often unaware of the wealth of animal life around them, simply because most animals are rarely seen.

To the nature lover, tracks may reveal the activities of many animals that would otherwise never be seen. To the untrained eye the wilderness may appear desolate, but to someone who is at least “spoor conscious” it will be full of signs of wildlife. Even if you never see the animals, the knowledge that they are there is enough. By reconstructing their movements from their footprints, you may be able to visualise the animals and in your imagination actually “see” them.

Trackers employed in environmental education can therefore open up a whole new world to students. Students can develop a greater awareness of the environment around them through the interpretation of tracks and signs.