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The growing climate crisis creates a new urgency in managing potential biodiversity loss. More than a million animal and plant species may go extinct due to climate change. This crisis requires a new approach to promote and speed up the learning process in tracking and the adoption of tracker certification.

To monitor global changes in biodiversity we may need hundreds of thousands of trackers worldwide. In order to stimulate and speed up the growth of the tracker community, our new Tracker Participation Awards will promote an informal learning process.

We need to make a clear distinction between CyberTracker Certificates that maintain the highest Standards and Tracker Participation Awards that promote the Learning Process regardless of standards.

Research has shown that for many novice learners, strict testing may be detrimental to the learning process. In contrast, at the expert level high standards of testing provide an incentive to develop skills and expertise.

We have two distinctly different designs for our CyberTracker Tracker Certificates and Tracker Participation Awards:

(1) CyberTracker Tracker Certificates to maintain the highest Standards: Original CyberTracker logo at the top of the certificate for consistent standards. The Footer reads “CyberTracker Certificate according to the Evaluation Standards set by Louis Liebenberg and CyberTracker Conservation”.

(2) Tracker Participation Awards for following the Learning Process: No CyberTracker logo at the top of the Award, but small round CyberTracker logo at the bottom in the Footer. The Footer reads “Tracker Participation Award for following the Learning Process set by CyberTracker Conservation”. For Junior Tracker, Adventure Tracker, In-house tracker training, local indigenous tracker Learning Process (UNESCO) and community science (citizen science) tracker training.

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