CyberTracker Online Upgrade - 16 April 2024: Our new easy-to-use User Interface Design

The climate crisis and the potential extinction of up to a million animal and plant species may pose an existential threat to humanity.

From its origins with indigenous Kalahari San trackers, CyberTracker projects have been initiated worldwide to protect endangered species. The ancient Art of Tracking may be the origin of science. Revitalizing tracking skills to protect our planet will create a growing number new jobs to sustain communities and biodiversity. CyberTracker is also being used in farming, forestry, social surveys and education.

Video - Indigenous Trackers

Our vision is to develop a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network.

CyberTracker is being used worldwide by indigenous communities, in protected areas, scientific research, tracking science, community science, environmental education, forestry, farming, social surveys and crime prevention.