Customise a CyberTracker Classic Wildlife Monitoring & Survey App

This CyberTracker Classic tutorial is only for Android devices. For iOS devices you need to use Web Update.

This 12-Page PDF Step-by-Step Tutorial will demonstrate how to customise a CyberTracker Classic Wildlife Monitoring and Line Transect Survey Application, collect data and view data in Tables and Maps.

How to create a data capture CyberTracker Classic Application:

1. Design data fields for CyberTracker Application on paper
2. Create Screens for CyberTracker Application
3. Link Screens into a Sequence of Screens
4. Add Save Buttons and OK Elements
5. Test Run to check that all Screens are linked correctly
6. Add Icons and adjust Screen Properties to improve User Interface Design
7. Add Field Map to Application
8. Add Transect Lines to Field Map
9. Add GoTo Destinations to Application
10. Add Observer Names to Observer Screens for each division
11. Backup Data onto SD Card in field
12. Download Application onto PDA or Smartphone
13. Collecting data in field, getting to know PDA & SmartPhone hardware
14. View and Edit Data in Field on PDA or Smartphone

How to view data in a Table and Map and Export data:

1. Download data onto pc, view data in Table
2. Query Data in Table
3. Create Multiple Queries in Table
4. Create New Reports to View Data
5. Export data in a Table to Excel
6. Export data in a Table to Google Earth
7. View Data on Maps
8. Export Map Views of Data
9. Create New Applications for Special Projects
10. Copy list of species into CyberTracker
11. Export CyberTracker Database or Data as a CTX File