Getting started

Here are a few tips before you get started.

Select your equipment


The CyberTracker desktop software runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows. The desktop software allows you to create a customized app for Android smartphones.


CyberTracker mobile is supported on both Android and iOS mobile devices. However, for this demo you can only use an Android smartphone.

Android and iOS mobile devices can be used with our online Partner solutions. Download CyberTracker mobile on Google Play or Apple Store.


For field work we recommend to have a mobile device with PowerBank battery pack to recharge on the go, and extra SD cards to back-up data.

A quick intro to the Photo Notes app


Take photo

Take a photo, make sure you are happy with it, and save the photo.


Add Notes

Add text or voice notes to the field note.


Save data

Save your data and capture the field note GPS location.


Transfer data

Transfer your data to your desktop app. Simple!