CyberTracker is the most efficient method of GPS field data collection.
It can be customized for mobile devices to record detailed, complex observations.

CyberTracker is simple and easy to use, requiring no programming skills.

The CyberTracker desktop software allows you to customise your own CyberTracker application for Android smartphones for your data collection needs, and to view and analyse your data in tables, maps, and graphs.

Data can be exported in a number of file formats for advanced data analyses in other software tools, such as Excel, Esri ArcGIS, Distance Software or R Statistical software.

CyberTracker Connect allows you to connect a CyberTracker app for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile units to one of our online Partner solutions.

Advanced users can connect to server databases and allow remote synchronization from mobile devices.

Desktop software

Customize a CyberTacker app for an Android Smartphone or Mobile Device. View and analyse data in tables, maps, photo views and graphs.

Manage the database elements. Available on Windows PC only.

CyberTracker mobile

CyberTracker Mobile is the layer of software in between the mobile device operating system (Android or iOS) and the CyberTracker app, which is created using the CyberTracker desktop software, or the Partner solution CyberTracker app (such as the SMART Mobile app).

Custom CyberTracker app

You can customize your own app for Android smartphones - from very basic, simple data, like the Photo Notes app, through to any level of detail and complexity.

Use the Screen Templates and Screen Modules to design how the screens look like. Screens can be text only, text and icons, icon only, include photos, voice recordings and real-time GPS maps to keep track of your movements.

Icon User Interface

CyberTracker is the most efficient way to gather large quantities of geo-referenced data for field observations at a speed and level of detail not possible before.

The Icon User Interface was originally designed for trackers who cannot read or write. However, scientists and conservationists benefit from the simple interface enabling significantly faster data collection than text interfaces or written methods. The icon interface design also reduces data input errors.

The app design can combine text and icons for optimum efficiency, and allows for custom imported icons designed for the user’s specific needs.

View Data

The Application developer makes it possible for users to design their own Electronic Field Guides with Species Identification Keys (Filters). The Species Identification Keys consists of a sequence of screens each with a checklist of characteristic features of a species. For each subsequent screen, the Filter gives an indication of the number of possible species.

The Electronic Field Guide makes it possible to embed definitions, descriptions and images into the data capture Screen Sequence, providing an immediate reference for easy validation of field observations.