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Releasing the CyberTracker software free is the most efficient way to achieve our vision. Working on a non-profit basis means that we depend on donor funding. It is therefore important that we keep track of conservation projects using CyberTracker. We therefore request that users send us a short summary of their projects to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Projects using their own Application brand names should clearly state that it is "a CyberTracker Application" together with the round CyberTracker logo (right-click on logo above) and a clear reference to Please note that the original Bushman logo is reserved for CyberTracker certification and may not be used without permission. 

Under this agreement, it is understood that the CyberTracker software is free for conservation and humanitarian use, and that users will submit details of their projects to CyberTracker for reporting purposes.

Users are welcome to use CyberTracker for commercial applications, but commercial users should please make a donation to CyberTracker Conservation.

If you accept these conditions,

(1) First Download and Install the CyberTracker Software onto a Windows Desktop PC

(2) Then Download a CyberTracker Application from you Desktop PC onto your Smartphone or Handheld Computer - see Getting Started

The above files are saved in ZIP file archives. Please use and de-compressor software to uncompress them before installation on your computer. If your browser doesn't download the files automatically, please 'right-click' on the file you require, and select 'save-as' to save it on your local hard drive.