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Free Software: Since 1997


CyberTracker is the most efficient method of gps field data collection. You can use CyberTracker on a Smartphone to record any type of observation. CyberTracker requires no programming skills and enables you to customize your own data collection Application.

The Origin of Science

The art of tracking may well be the origin of science. Science may have evolved more than a hundred thousand years ago with the evolution of modern hunter-gatherers. Scientific reasoning may therefore be an innate ability of the human mind. Anyone, regardless of their level of education, whether or not they can read or write, regardless of their cultural background, can make a contribution to science.

Download Free eBookThe Origin of Science (2013) by Louis Liebenberg. "This is an extraordinary book... a major insight into the nature and origins of scientific thinking." Steven Pinker, Harvard College Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of How the Mind Works.

Our Vision for the Future

Climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity may have serious impacts on human welfare. To anticipate and prevent negative impacts we need to discover, explore and monitor all aspects of the environment on a worldwide basis.

From its origins with the Kalahari Bushmen, CyberTracker projects have been initiated to monitor gorillas in the Congo, butterflies in Switzerland, the Sumatran rhino in Borneo, jaguars in Costa Rica, birds in the Amazon, wild horses in Mongolia, dolphins in California, marine turtles in the Pacific and whales in Antarctica.

CyberTracker is being used by indigenous communities, in national parks, scientific research, citizen science, environmental education, forestry, farming, social surveys, health surveys, crime prevention and disaster relief.

CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organisation that enables anyone to Discover & Explore Science and Nature and to participate in a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network.

Our ultimate vision is that smart phone users worldwide will use CyberTracker to capture observations on all aspects of the environment, making it possible to visualise changes in the global ecosystem in real time.

We help individuals, communities and organisations to Discover, Explore & Monitor their own environment

  • With Software that is Free and easy to use by all people, regardless of their level of education.
  • With Free eBooks to develop a better understanding of science and the art of tracking.
  • By providing Tracker Evaluations to help people develop their practical observation skills.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our Current Sponsors:

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation for funding the upgrade of the CyberTracker software for Android Smartphones and Tablets.

The Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust for funding the Development of Tracking Skills in South Africa.

We would like to thank Justin Steventon for ongoing voluntary technical support.



We would also like to acknowledge previous financial assistance of European Commission, ECOFAC, Conservation International (CI), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and UNESCO.

The views expressed on this website are those of CyberTracker Conservation and can therefore in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of donors or sponsors.

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